Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Review: De Engelenmaker (The Angel Maker) by Stefan Brijs

One of the many books i had to read for school this year, yay.
This is my last book i read for school so far and i got told that it was the best of all of the books assigned so i was really excited about it but at the same time it was difficult to avoid spoilers. So the most of the book got spoiled to me before i even had it.

The story is really interesting and it has to do a lot with biology, I recommend that you have a bit of knowledge on the DNA sector before jumping into it because otherwise you wont  understand half the book.
The explanation of these terms don't go deep.
Basically the story is about a mysterious doctor and 3 kids he has.

In the second part of the book they go explaining the Doctor's past. I found the second part, that one, really confusing because they keep jumping between 2 times in the past till they collide, that kind of writing i find really interesting but confusing. The story starts mysterious and suspenseful and then jumps into a , rather, boring past and then goes to the story in the present again.

I really liked the ending and the way the characters were described was a bit good, there were a lot but a few that were actually important, the bit of German in the book was confusing me a bit too due to my lack of knowledge of German.

The writing style was good but at the end in the E-book version, i noticed that a few ' were missing from the dialogue, besides i think the writer went too deep into describing the scenes and the explanation just gets too long and that's why I lost the suspense of the moment.

I wouldn't highly recommend this book but if you want a suspense thriller book with a lot of biological terms, this is the book for you :) .

I gave this book 4 (3.5)  stars out of 5 on goodreads.

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