Review Policy

I try to review every book I read and make my reviews here. I will post my review on Goodreads as well.

I try to make my reviews spoiler free. When there are (major) spoilers, i will mention it.
I read Young adult books, most of them are Fiction, including paranormal, dystopian, fantasy, high fantasy etc.

I do not enjoy books that include:

  •  a lot of erotic stuff,
  •  a lot of vampires.
I do enjoy books that include:

  • Magic elements
  • Assassins
  • A good love interest (such as Tris and Tobias from Divergent)
I accept any book format, but when sending hardcovers, paperbacks or physical copies of audio books you should be informed that i do not live in the US and the postal service takes a lot of time before I receive the book.

I do accept self published books!
I do not do Author interviews or guest posts, i really wish I could but I can't.

I try to review everything I get, but since i am in school it will take a bit of time before i finish reading a book and be able to review it. During the holidays i have a lot of free time,  which means that I will read more (often).

I will write a fair and honest review. These reviews are intended to reflect my opinion. I give my opinion on what I thought of the book. My reviews will include discussing what did work and what did not work for me, i will be discussing:
  • The plot
  • The writing style
  • Some Characters
  • If I felt a connection to any of the characters
  • Character relationships (Love interests, if there is any)
  • If i would recommend this book, and to who.
  • How many stars I rate it on Goodreads.
You can contact me on my email . I answer within a day or two.

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