Saturday, December 12, 2015

Update : No books read

Hello everyone! It has been a long while since i have posted on my bookishblog, but there has been a lot of stuff going on that has prevented me from doing so.
For the upcoming months I'm afraid that this will not change.

I'm currently a senior and there is a LOT i have to do and study for, I'm afraid that reading does take my time away from focusing better on school. This has been the reason for me to stop reading for a bit, after my final exams i will devour all the books the i have been wanting to read and i will also be participating in book tours and reading for reviews etc.

I will try to read during the Christmas holidays but i am not sure this will happen because i will be traveling a lot and i have a project due January.

If i can't i hope that you guys can, so don't stop reading! :)


  1. Good on you for working so hard and sacrificing reading time (for right now at least) I know how hard that is! Good luck with it all
    Enchanted by YA

  2. omg goodluck for everything! im sorry that you need to sacrifice your time for all the things. hope things go well!