Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Review: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

After serving out a year of hard labor in the salt mines of Endovier for her crimes, 18-year-old assassin Celaena Sardothien is dragged before the Crown Prince. Prince Dorian offers her her freedom on one condition: she must act as his champion in a competition to find a new royal assassin. Her opponents are men-thieves and assassins and warriors from across the empire, each sponsored by a member of the king's council. If she beats her opponents in a series of eliminations, she'll serve the kingdom for three years and then be granted her freedom. 

Celaena finds her training sessions with the captain of the guard, Westfall, challenging and exhilirating. But she's bored stiff by court life. Things get a little more interesting when the prince starts to show interest in her... but it's the gruff Captain Westfall who seems to understand her best. 

Then one of the other contestants turns up dead... quickly followed by another. 

Can Celaena figure out who the killer is before she becomes a victim? As the young assassin investigates, her search leads her to discover a greater destiny than she could possibly have imagined.

The hype around this book is well deserved, this story is AMAZING the mystery of finding out who the killer is, keeps you reading and you can't stop. This book is just amazing i really enjoyed it.
As you can see this story is mainly centered around Celaena Sardothien, but it is told in second person and sometimes tells about other characters in the story as well. I really liked the writing of Sarah J. Maas and how she set the mystery in a way that you really want to keep reading.

Celaena is just SO badass and so sassy, her sass is just so great and funny, sometimes i admit i ended up laughing my ass off because of her sass. And besides that, she is just amazing and so skilled and just overall great.

The prince.. well what can i say, i dont like the prince at all and not liked how that turned out for the most part of the book, so arrogant ugh.

Chaol chaol chaol, that is who i want, he is just great and amazing just as badass as Calaena but yet sweet and kind and sensitive.

Nehemia is my favorite after all because she is so amazing and so badass, i know I have used the word badass a lot but that word pretty much describes this book. Nehemia is so cool though and i really enjoyed everything she did and how she did it.

My favorite part of this book would be every time Celaena gets to say a sassy comeback AH its just so great.

In the next book Crown of Midnight, I REALLY HOPE that Celaena's mind changes and well if you've read this you know what i mean. but i have heard that the books get better every time, so i guess that is good and will be fun, I am really looking forward to reading more of this AMAZING story.

I realize just now that this is my first high-fantasy book I have read, so hooray for me :] I am so glad i really enjoyed it, i will definitely be picking up more books of this genre in the future, i don't even know why i was scared to try it out.

I really recommend this book to anyone and specially o those who have not read anything yet high fantasy related because this book is great and will really make you appreciate this genre like it did with me.

★★★★★ [4.5] on Goodreads.

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