Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday Talks

The group was created by Janie and Janelle and we discuss bookish topics every week, so come and join us on Goodreads!

This is my first Tuesday Talks! and I'm actually really excited to be introducing this weekly "discussion" in my blog! 

The topic of this week is:
Do you sometimes mimic or imitate characters while reading?

I do not mimic or imitate characters while I'm reading. I find it quite funny that people sometimes do. What I do admit that i do is that i sometimes use their quotes. Or i find myself doing something that they "usually" do.

Since I've read Divergent, my opinion about "running" and "being brave" changed completely. So it changed my habits and now i always try to be running around and feel free.

Here at home I am the only reader and (sadly) my family isn't really interested in the books I read either. So if I did mimic them I would look so weird.  But imitating characters as in doing some stuff that they "usually" do. I do sometimes imitate them.

Do you imitate characters while reading? Let me know below!

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