Thursday, July 30, 2015

What do you think of the tall Mass market paper backs? (Tuesday Talks #2)

The group was created by Janie and Janelle and we discuss bookish topics every week, so come and join us on Goodreads!

This is my first Tuesday Talks! and I'm actually really excited to be introducing this weekly "discussion" in my blog!

The topic of this week is:
What do you think of the tall Mass market paper backs? Are they easier to read? Easier to handle? Etc? 

In my experience, i don't think i own any or have ever even seen any of those tall mass market paperbacks. I don't own a lot of physical books because i am a poor reader. but a reader nonetheless. So most of my books are e-books or the ones i do own physically are all normal sized hardbacks and paperbacks.

I tried searching online for something about these books but can't seem to really find anything useful for me to discuss about. I have read from other posts that they are a bit of a pain in the butt.

What I've had experience with in the past, is in the bookstores i have seen really tall paperbacks, like The Mime Order, or All The Light We Can Not See. They feel huge in my tiny hand and they are so heavy! I am not sure if those are the tall mass market ones, but if its cheaper and affordable for me, i wouldn't mind giving them a try.

PS: Sorry for posting so late, i have been trying to finish my book, and my brother just left to Europe and i also had parties to attend.

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